The Color Guarantee

Olaplex guarantees the quality and composition of your client’s hair while using Olaplex with any professional color brand.

Our product has been engineered to work with any professional color line or developer.

If you are in any way not satisfied with OLAPLEX after purchase and use, OLAPLEX will refund you the cost of your OLAPLEX.

Send via ground shipment and postmarked within 4 weeks from date of purchase, the unused portion in its original package along with the receipt and authorized salon information to:

1482 E. Valley Road, #701
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Attention: Product Returns

To receive a refund, you must have purchased directly from OLAPLEX. If you have purchased from any third-party (beauty supply store, mass discount retailer, online auction site, etc.), we cannot guarantee the authenticity of your product and will not be able to issue a refund.

We believe education is key to getting the most out of Olaplex. Please visit, download the Olaplex App, review the instructions that come with our products, and familiarize yourself with Olaplex before treating your clients with Olaplex.

Olaplex, LLC reserves the right to terminate, modify, or change this policy at any time. 8/22/16.