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The Impact of a Skincare for Haircare Ritual
August 20, 2021

The Impact of a Skincare for Haircare Ritual

Your beauty ritual is an exercise in consistency, dedication, and grounding. The foundation behind beauty routines may seem purely aesthetic. Still, those mornings and evenings you apply skincare and do a hair treatment build intention, routine, self-confidence that make their way to other areas of your life. For beauty routines, diversity is essential. This means do to your hair what you do to your skin.

I’ve written this blog now for years, and if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s a well-rounded skincare for haircare routine. I started my beauty journey through hair, not skin. As a naturally curly gal, I rooted my identity in my hair’s texture. After years of fighting it by frying it, I landed a job with a new start-up company called OLAPLEX. As a revolutionary company ahead of the curve, I had the freedom of working from home and spending nearly every day with OLAPLEX Nº.3 on my hair to bring it back to life. As OLAPLEX introduced new products throughout the years, no routine has become more solid than my hair’s.

At OLAPLEX, I learned about the similarities and properties our skin and hair share. They’re made of the same bonds that require repair. Since OLAPLEX worked wonders for my hair, without ever needing any other products, I began my skincare journey hoping to find balance and results in a skincare routine. Most hair and skin applications are the same; if your skin or hair is dry, moisturize it. If your skin or hair needs protection, add SPF or heat protectant. Keep your hair and skin cleansed, but be careful not to strip the scalp or your skin from its natural oils.

The parallels led me to realize skincare and haircare are two of a kind and vital to any beauty routine. Although finding skincare products was more of a journey than the OLAPLEX products that worked perfectly for me at first use, my daily skincare for haircare routine has been the balance and ritual that guides my day. Everyone’s different with finding their balance. My specific hair routine gets me up early in the morning; exercise first, which means showering right after and washing my face and hair. Using my products one at a time, starting with my hair. I apply the same intention to my skin. I prime my hair with OLAPLEX treatments; prime my skin for makeup with skincare. The two are incredibly similar, which means consistency in caring for both of them is vital.

After my beauty routine, I’m invigorated and inspired to add balance and routine to the rest of my day, where I can find it. Just like the products in OLAPLEX benefit my hair, I find food in my fridge to nourish my body from the inside out. The same goes for my workday. I find a flow that brings me balance. I’m consistent in my effort, and I’m dedicated to the time I’m clocked in. As much as an OLAPLEX fan I am, it isn’t just the products that give you confidence and self-esteem. It’s the intention behind applying them. Knowing your worth that extra 10-20 minutes a day to work on yourself and maintain your natural beauty because it makes you feel good. That’s the impact of a skincare for haircare ritual.

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