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OLAPLEX Celebrates YOU!
June 11, 2021

OLAPLEX Celebrates YOU!

This year for our 7th birthday and the second year of National OLAPLEX Day, we want to celebrate you. We’ve gone from an invention in a Santa Barbara, CA garage to a revolutionary patented technology and household name. We’re still humbled every day to be where we are, and it’s with gratitude knowing you helped us get here. It might be our birthday, but the party is always for you!


#OLAPLEXCelebrates 7 years of your support from your posts on Instagram to the gorgeous work hairdressers worldwide create with our product. It is through the artist OLAPLEX was first able to shine. To this day, we see the impossible become possible as legendary hair transformations done with OLAPLEX. When we ask people what first caught their attention with OLAPLEX, they usually saw a hair transformation on Instagram. The transformations range from black-box dyed hair to platinum, fried limp curls to bouncy, healthy uniform curls, and more.


Chances are if you’re a salon guest, your hairdresser put you on to OLAPLEX in your color service, as a treatment, or by sending you home with OLAPLEX Nº.3. Before OLAPLEX, the only way to cure damaged hair, was to cut it off and play the waiting game. Now, healthier hair is possible in a minimum of ten minutes. We’re about that!

Hairdressers translate OLAPLEX possibilities into walkable works ofart. Clients are living proof that anyone can have healthy hair, no matter their hair type. Stay tuned all month long for announcements as we celebrate you and give back!

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