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November 23, 2020

Clients: Before Your Consultation

You’re sitting in the chair at the salon–excited, maybe a little nervous– this is the first step of what’s going to be an amazing transformation. You turn to your colorist and tell them, “I want to go blonde!” Now, this may seem like your colorist will 100% get you, but instead they ask you a series of questions ranging from warm tones, cool tones, full highlights, partial, and suddenly you feel like you have no idea what you want. Just like you wouldn’t show up to a test without studying, a salon consultation should always be prepared for. We asked some friends behind the chair for some tips to better set you up for your big change!


Bring in plenty of visuals! Colorist Slim (Sara Lim) of the Ramirez Tran Salon in Beverly Hills told us the first thing she asks her clients; “I always have my clients show me three to five inspiration photos of color they like and to tell me what they like about the color. What I see in a photo could be the opposite of what the client sees, so having options and clear descriptors helps get us on the same page.” Some colorists also recommend showing colors within the same vain that you do not like and pointing out exactly what it is that you’re not in line with, such as the tone, placement, and thickness of the highlights.


Olaplex Ambassador and colorist, Bianca Hillier, advises clients to “always be sure to thoroughly discuss at home care and proper maintenance”. Maintenance may seem like something you want to discuss after your transformation, however, it can be a huge deal breaker for those don’t want to invest time into upkeep. For example, platinum blonde means monthly re-growth touchup– is this something you can commit to? Is that kind of maintenance affordable for you? These are factors to keep in mind, and if the answer is no, the consultation is the perfect opportunity for you and your colorist to meet in the middle. Perhaps an ombre look is best suited for your lifestyle! 

Hair History

Knowing your hair history is crucial to your appointment. If you have a history of at home hair coloring, texture services, henna, or damage, your colorist needs to know so they can best evaluate how to proceed. 


Depending on your hair history and the look your going for, your transformation may take more than one session or a very long session. This is all up to the colorists’ best judgement and it’s important for you to know this may mean higher cost. Having all the facts not only gives you piece of mind, it sets the stage for a really wonderful salon experience for both you and your trusted hairdresser. 

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