Verify Authenticity of OLAPLEX Products

Safey and security are of the utmost importance to our organization.
Please use the Android application below to confirm the authenticity of our products.

Steps to install and configure the iVerifyit application.

  • Download the Andriod Application on your device
  • Navigate to the download location and install the application
  • Open the iVerifyit application
  • Navigate to the "Settings" page
  • Turn OFF "Require Covert Read"
  • Navigate to the "Scanner" page
  • Scan the OLAPLEX key to set the proper decryption cypher
  • Navigate to the "Setting" page
  • Turn ON "Require Covert Read"
  • Navigate to the "Scanner" page and begin scanning product QR codes

Once a successfully scanning a product QR code you'll have to identifitying peices of information; overt and covert. If the covert information is successfully decoded the product is genuine.

OLAPLEX key below: