What Is Confidence and How Do You Get It?
January 02, 2022

What Is Confidence and How Do You Get It?


What Is Confidence and How Do You Get It?| Samantha Peszek 

Today's guest is Samantha Peszek. Aside from being a USA gymnast and an Olympian, she is training young girls and women to flex the muscle of confidence. In this episode, she will give us some tips as well.

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Your self-talk affects your body language [3:45]

Overcome the fear with the power of I AM [6:18]

The huge myth about confidence [8:23]

Competition is healthy [14:06]

Your inner voice holds the key to confidence [16:19]

Practicing positive growth vs negative spiral [19:35]

Samantha’s podcast: I Have Cool Friends [22:26]

Why you should visualize your future success [24:36]



What is confidence? How do you get it? You don't go to the grocery store and pick up confidence. It comes from hard work and positive self-talk, and you need both to be confident.

Your self-talk affects your body language, whether you're walking to salute in a gymnastics competition or just walking to a class in school, so say positive things to yourself.

I had such bad fears in gymnastics that I almost quit the sport. I overcame that using the power of my mind and positive "I am" statements. I am fierce. I am powerful. I am strong.

If you are feeling insecure, listen to what that inner voice is telling you. Reframe that voice to empower yourself, give yourself an actionable, and you have the power to change.My friends are the coolest and amazing at what they do. I'm so lucky I get to hang out with them and get advice from them, so I created a podcast the world could benefit from too.

Visualizing was always an important part of competition. The clearer you can see the vision of your future and your goals, the easier and more attainable they will be.

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