There’s More to Being Happy than the Exterior
August 16, 2021

There’s More to Being Happy than the Exterior


There’s More to Being Happy than the Exterior  (Evelyn Lozada)

Today we're going to speak to Evelyn Lozada, who is best known for nine seasons of the VH1 series Basketball Wives. Recently, she announced that she will not be returning for season 10. So we're going to get the scoop on that. But also, she's really hoping to move forward in the future and focus on her beauty line.

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Evelyn on VH1 Basketball Wives [1:32]

Evelyn's Street Vibe: BX Glow to BX Fitness [3:35]

BX Fitness: Not Your Typical Duffel Bag [7:23]

Evelyn’s jewelry collection [12:37]

Inflammation Caused by Skincare Products [16:12]

The Benefits of BX Glow Skincare With CBD [18:05]

Evelyn Lozada’s Top Products: Vitamin C [20:22]

There's More to Being Happy than the Exterior [25:13]

God Puts People in Your Life For a Reason [34:50]



I always loved jewelry and big hoop earrings. I think it has to do with being Puerto Rican, being raised in New York, and having that street vibe. That's what inspired BX Glow. 

The BX Glow Fitness Kit includes everything you need for a home workout: ankle weights, resistance bands and tubes. Or safely hit the gym with your own gear, all in a cute pouch.

What inspired my skincare line was inflammation. I went from working out twice a day to not being able to move. My doctor said, maybe it's something you're putting on your skin.

Vitamin C on your skin is amazing. I'm 45 years old, so I make sure that I put this on twice a day.

I think sometimes we're so hard on ourselves. And then when we get older, we realize there is so much more to being happy and loving yourself than just looking good on the outside.

Women have a hard time asking for help. But I believe God puts people in your life for a reason. I don't think we were meant to be on this planet to figure it out on our own.

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