Spotlight: Johanna Braddy reveals her secrets to ...
March 22, 2021

Spotlight: Johanna Braddy reveals her secrets to ...


Spotlight: Johanna Braddy reveals her secrets to ...

In this episode, we have movie and television actress Johanna Brady. Not only will Johanna be giving us the scoop on some of her upcoming movies, but she'll also be sharing her favorite skincare routines, her beauty inspirations, and what she and her husband do together to achieve their healthy glow.

For those of you who are not familiar with Johanna, she is best known for playing FBI agent Shelby Wyatt on the thriller series Quantico and Anna Martin on Season One of the critically acclaimed show UnReal. She is also an advocate for a healthy lifestyle as a path to true beauty.

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An inside scoop on what is on the horizon for Johanna [1:47]

The turning point in Johanna’s career where everything changed [5:18]

The routines Johanna uses to stay vibrant amidst a crazy schedule [7:16]

Johanna’s beauty inspiration [11:20]

Johanna’s “can’t live without” products [15:18]



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    I try to really be on it with skincare. I really started looking into good all-natural skincare, and that's something that I do daily.

    My mom always said growing up, wear your moisturizer, wear your sunscreen. And when you're young, you're like, I don't need that, I'm never going to get old! But, that changes. 

    When I was younger I spent a good six years in a plant-based lifestyle. It was a lot of preparation, but I have to admit, my skin, hair, nails, everything, was in the best shape ever.

    I go from like full-on tomboy to super, super girly and I think that's fine. I don't think you have to pick one thing. I think there's so many different facets to people.

    Haircare, I 100% am stuck on OLAPLEX. Two years ago, my hair got bleached, it just started breaking off. And I'd never experienced anything like that, it's honestly saved my hair.

    It's amazing how much hair is like your identity. It's such a huge part of you. Changing the color even, you feel like a completely different person.

    You're putting so much of yourself into a stranger's hands. It's okay to do your research and to want to ask questions, and to feel confident before you go into a new hairdresser. 

    It's so easy to see beauty in other people and compliment other people. But when it comes to yourself, you just see the bad, and that is not the way the world sees you.

    Work on changing your perspective. Take a moment to love on yourself and find something beautiful about yourself and say it in the mirror.

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