How To Get Noticed by a Beauty Brand
September 01, 2021

How To Get Noticed by a Beauty Brand

How To Get Noticed by a Beauty Brand 

Today we are speaking with the Director of Social Media for OLAPLEX, Vanessa Schneider, who has quickly moved through the OLAPLEX ranks to be the person in charge of one of the most influential social media teams in the beauty business. She is going to be giving us all kinds of insights to the latest trends, the importance of inclusion, the evolution of social media from generation to generation, and how to get your content noticed by a beauty brand. 


Vanessa’s background [0:36]

Creating that special sauce [6:00]

Tell us your stories [11:08]

Your passion shines through [12:15]

TikTok vs Instagram vs Facebook [14:43]

Have fun with Reels [18:12]

Beauty from inside out [20:46]

You are the standard [22:56]

3 beauty social media trends [29:02]

Selfcare is more than just a sheet mask [30:01]

How can creators get attention? [36:21]


Self-love is more than just doing a sheet mask and going in the tub. It's also not putting the flat iron up to 450 degrees or not ripping through your hair when brushing it, treat it with love!

OLAPLEX is about self-care and self-love because it's beauty from the inside out. Our products help your hair become healthy and strong so you can be unapologetically you. 

It doesn't matter if you are a mega superstar or have 100 followers. When you can see somebody who has such a huge passion for what they do, we love to support that. 

We as an industry need to make things more inclusive, we need to make sure that everybody feels beautiful in the standards that they are. 

We're sharing real results, real routines. and real ways to use our product. We love that people are out there sharing content and letting people take advantage of their tips and tricks.


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