Holiday Traditions with OLAPLEX Team
January 05, 2022

Holiday Traditions with OLAPLEX Team


Holiday Traditions with OLAPLEX Team

I thought that the best way to celebrate the holidays on the podcast is to speak to a few of my friends that work at Olaplex. I got together my friends, Brittany Meeks, April Garcia, and Sami Saba, and let them share their favorite holiday traditions. 

Brittany Meeks is the Senior Manager of our E-commerce and talks about the German traditions she learned from her grandparents, and she hopes to pass along. April Garcia is our Sales and Education Manager for Latin America. She talks about the importance of creating holiday memories and traditions with the people you work with. Sami Saba is our Director of Retail Sales and who I think is a kindred spirit and a beautiful soul. Sami shares her experience moving to the US as a little girl and not speaking any English, and about how her parents were determined to ensure a magical holiday season for her.

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Tray of sweets [2:37]

Fancy food with the whole family [4:18]

Celebrating with all the family [9:13]

Small business Saturday [10:15]

Blended cultures [11:49]

A Bengali Christmas [14:26]

Favorite holiday meal [16:03]

Favorite Bengali dessert [17:25]

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