November 23, 2020

Meet Olaplex Ambassador, Nikki Lee!

We’re thrilled to continue our Ambassador series with Nikki Lee! Nikki is a celebrity hair stylist, co-owner of the Nine Zero One Salon and Beauty Coach. Her clientele consists of some of our all time favorite manes, including Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts, Sarah Hyland, Jessica Simpson, and Vanessa Hudgens. In addition to being an all around rockstar, she’s also  the mother of an adorable Pit bull puppy named, Rya!

What inspires you?

I’ve always been inspired by healthy beautiful hair. The healthy part is always a first for me. Healthy hair is always the ideal canvas to start with when creating a beautiful color.

Favorite things to do in LA? 

I love going to the Grove durning the holidays! I also love visiting these cool new museums that have popped up downtown.

What’s currently on your music playlist? 

In rotation I have Selena Gomez, Sam Smith, Alessia Cara & Camilla Cabello

What did you do after beauty school? Did you assist or go straight to the floor? 

I went to Beauty School in my home town Reno, NV. After I graduated I went to the best salon there, which was called Genesis Salon. I was fortunate enough to be able to assistant under a woman named Deana Marie who had just moved to Reno from SF. She taught me so much! Once I moved to LA I assisted again at Fred Segal Beauty in Santa Monica. That’s where I met Riawna!

Who are your hair icons? 

Brigitte Bardot will always be a classic icon for me. I also love Blake Livley. They both embody beautiful blondes with healthy hair. I also get a lot of hair inspiration from Pinterest!

Tell us about the first time you got your hands on hair. 

In high school I was a cheerleader and we all had to wear our hair the same for competitions. I would help all the girls style their hair. I loved how creative I felt and feel so blessed it’s now my actual career!

What advice can you give to hairdressers out there? 

Do you! Don’t get caught up paying too much attention to what everyone else is doing on social media. Let your own creative mind flow and create your OWN magic!

Tell us about your a-ha  moment with Olaplex. 

My a-ha moment with Olaplex was the time my client insisted on going blonde even though I felt her hair couldn’t survive it and Olaplex saw me through. Her hair over time with the take home started to improve tremendously.

How has Olaplex changed your career?

It’s given me the freedom to do corrective color work without having fear of what my out come may be.

Favorite look do on clients? 

I love doing blondes! All shades icy blondes, beige blondes, honey blondes.

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