May 28, 2020 3 min read

One of our favorite things about the hair community is its resilience. Hairdressers are some of the hardest working people on the planet, constantly wowing us with their inventive ways to thrive their businesses by pushing the envelope. This resilience will make what will be, a new salon life moving forward. So, what does that mean exactly and what are some ways salon services and flow will change? In addition to cleanliness and safety (read our last article here), we are looking at ways that keep both you and your clients safe during this pandemic.

This means limited exposure and taking to express services. Now, we know what some may be thinking, and no this doesn’t mean rush your work! What is suggested, is to find corners that can be cut from in-person contact so you can focus on the service at hand. Right, so let’s get to it! It’s okay to not feel okay about a change like this. We know you can do it though and you’ll do the absolute best to make this work for the safety of yourself and those around you!

Some suggestions and practices we’ve encountered for express services:

Have your client wash their hair prior to their appointment.

Coming in with clean damp hair eliminates time at the bowl for both you and your client. Naturally, we understand you may need to do this yourself at some point for color services… but if it’s at all avoidable, like in the instance of haircuts and styling, implementing this when possible could save time and lives. Remember, you’re already adding 10-15 minutes before and after every client to clean and sanitize. This could be an amazing way to actually spend more quality time with your client!

Virtual Hair Consultations

The consultation is one of the most important parts of a service. For many clients, this is a time they want to be heard, and find support in a new look they’ve been spending much time thinking about. For many hairdressers, this means some consultations are lengthier than others in order to get on the same page about your client’s hair history, desires, and expectations. This is a great opportunity to devote time to your client, without the added risk of contact. Set up a well-lit digital video consultation with them to go over their needs. That way, when they come into the salon you both are on the same page!

Online Retail

Consider this easy time-saver. Putting all your retail products into a webshop! With each client, you could e-mail or message them prior to their appointment on what you suggest for their take-home products and give them a direct link to your webshop for them to purchase. They can have their products paid for and packaged to pickup at there appointment! At OLAPLEX we have an amazing affiliate program that helps you earn 35% commission with every product sold so don’t miss out on that either!

Mandatory Mask Usage & Disposables

In addition to the safety suggestions and guidelines listed in our last post, stocking yourself up on safety disposables is a great way to limit exposure. Although it should be mandatory your client comes in with a mask on, stock up on disposable masks for emergencies as well as yourself should you choose to change your mask after each client. Another fabulous way to omit unnecessary contact is by switching temporarily to disposable capes for services. We know so little still about the novel coronavirus, and though contracting the virus from soft surfaces like clothing is lower risk than hard surfaces like metal, best practices should be in place to ensure you’re doing all you can to keep safe.

Express Service Tips

Express services can mean anything from cutting downtime on a haircut by skipping a blow-dry or style out, or even by sending your client home with an OLAPLEX treatment on for them to wash out later. We encourage you to find ways in your own salon to flatten the curve by doing what you can to give your clients an amazing cut, color, or texture service with their safety in mind.