May 13, 2020 2 min read

As much of the world begins slowly re-opening, we over here at OLAPLEX continue our OLAPLEX Journey. Healthy hair is a way of life whether you’re outside or spending most of your time indoors. Oddly enough, many people have been busier than ever fixing up their ‘dos for Zoom and FaceTime calls. This means thermal and mechanical styling for many, which means we need a major hair check. Have you been keeping tabs on your #OLAPLEXJourney? We have a little checklist below to get you on the right track!

OLAPLEX No.3 once a week

No.3 Hair Perfector is a game changer for any hair type or hair texture. OLAPLEX is beneficial for healthy hair to highly compromised hair and every hair in between! Following a healthy hair routine with No.3 by treating the hair a minimum of once a week will put your locks in the best shape they can be. The great part about stay at home is you can use this time to multitask while treating your hair. You’ll come out of quarantine ready to rock your healthy hair or even have your hair super prepped for a future salon transformation!

Cleansing, Hydrating, and Bond Building every hair wash

Hair washing is truly subjective to each individual; some people wash daily, some just once a week. However often you’re washing, it’s important to maximize your experience by doing everything you can to ensure your hairs integrity. By using OLAPLEX No.4 and No.5 Shampoo and Conditioner you not only cleanse and hydrate, you also rebuild bonds while you’re doing it. This complete upgrade to your hair washing routine ensures even on those weeks you missed a treatment, that you’re treating your hair simultaneously by doing something you already need to do!

Bond Building Styling

Giving your hair a break from thermal styling is another way you can help your hair thrive. Lucky for your mane, we’ve got you covered there too. Our two styling products both moisturize, add shine, eliminate frizz for up to 72 hours and rebuild bonds using OLAPLEX’s patented non-toxic technology. Why is styling a part of your OLAPLEX journey? Every single one of OLAPLEX’s products contain our patented formula to rebuild har internally. Having healthier hair with the use of any one of our products is reason enough to completely transform your hair. Use No.6 Bond Smoother as a leave-in, a little goes a very long way to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. No.7 Bonding Oil can be used as a heat protectant up to 450 degrees and it also rebuilds bonds in the hair for those days where you need to freshen your Zoom look. Did we mention mega watt shine?

If you’re on an OLAPLEX Journey or ready to start, we’re here for you! Take before photos and videos of your hair to document your progress. Doing this once a week can really show you how healthy your hair can continue to be. Remember, OLAPLEX rebuilds bonds until you break them again with thermal, mechanical, and chemical styling. This means, you always need healthier hair and we’re here to help! Show us your #OLAPLEXJourney on Instagram by using the hashtag and tagging @olaplex.