May 23, 2020 2 min read

We’re all about the hues red white and blue! This Memorial Day, we’re looking back on some of our favorite patriotic colors to celebrate the lives of those who fought for our colors! It just so happens that the three of these colors have their own special needs, all starting with healthy hair. How can you help your red color thrive without the quick face? What kind of maintenance does platinum hair really require? How can OLAPLEX help with vivid colors?


Did you know that red is one of the hardest colors to remove from hair? We have seen countless corrective color transformations from red to platinum, brunette, blonde, to rainbow done with OLAPLEX that would make you think it was easy. For those true to their vibrant reds, here are some of our favorite tips to keep the fire thriving:

Use OLAPLEX in direct dyes.

Wash with cool water.

Wash hair less often.

Do OLAPLEX No.3 treatments, because the healthier hair is, the longer color lasts!

Avoid heat! Thermal styling tools rapidly quicken the fading process. The more you wear your hair in natural styles, the better!

It doesn’t get much more fire than this:

Photo by Allyssa Rae
Photo by Hannah Moravec


Ah, platinum. How we love a good snow queen! One of the most common situations that arise with platinum color, is how to get a true platinum hue and how to maintain platinum hair once you have it. Achieving platinum is a major commitment for clients. There are several factors that play into whether this shade is right for them, which are cost, time, and maintenance. Is a client able to commit to having their roots done no more than every 6 weeks? Is the cost of the service and and maintaining the service sustainable? Does the person have the time for regular upkeep at home with OLAPLEX treatments, moisture treatments, gentle styling, etc? If the answer to one of these is no, you may want to consider different options. You and your colorist can certainly decide on a lovely blonde look that works for your lifestyle!

What about that true icy platinum? How many times have you worked on a client and it’s come out just straight yellow? Many expert colorists, like OLAPLEX Ambassador Chad Kenyon, of the Ramirez Tran Salon in Beverly Hills recommend lifting past the level of desired lift to ensure zero brassiness especially during the fade out process.

These platinum tones are white hot:

Photo by Kristyn Wilson
Photo Madeline Marissa Mansel


Oh how we love our vivid colors. Blue is one that looks dreamy in all its starry night glory and absolutely luscious in pastel. You can’t go wrong with the blues. To achieve any vivid look, start with the healthiest canvas possible. Have clients treat their hair with OLAPLEX No.3 prior to any color service and of course use OLAPLEX No.1 to rebuild bonds in the hair and No.2 to dilute your direct dyes!

Some of our favorite blues:

Photo by Steven Austin
Photo by Jessica Powers