June 05, 2020 2 min read

We’re committed to using our platform to celebrate and support diversity and inclusivity. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and are committed to raising the voices of the black and brown community. The inspiration we’ve received from the stand-out work the black and brown community create has been endless. The inspiration we’ve received from the stand-out work within the black community has been endless. In efforts to amplify their voices and talents in the hair community, we’re sharing some of our favorite creators.

You can support their work by following them on Instagram. That’s an amazing start. Here are some other ways you can increase their online visibility to further their success in the hair community:

Engage with their posts, like posts, and comment on them to boost their visibility on Instagram’s algorithm.

Share their posts with your followers! Sharing their posts not only shows your support, but it also makes their work visible to an entirely new audience.

Support IRL! If their a hairdresser in your community, support them by getting a service done under their artistry at the salon! If the creator is a YouTuber or hair influencer, consider trying their tips and techniques you’ve learned from them and sharing it on Instagram by tagging them in your own recreation!

Encourage your followers to do the same. From inspiration to services, create your own list of your favorite creators and share them on social media!

Joan Dellavalle

Radically Curly

Laquita Burnett

Jessica Kiyomi

Rashida Bey

Nikki Wright Rudolph (she's part of the OLAPLEX family as an advocate and employee!)

Christin Brown

Nadria Color Me Curls

Bee Blondor

Curly Hair Daze

Keon Washington

Patrice Daniels (She’s also part of the OLAPLEX Advocate family!)

Janel Sealy Smith

Kristy Ramos